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Sea Glass Craft Projects, Seaglass Crafting, Art, DesignSea Glass Filled Water Feature
Ahhh, the soothing sound of water trickling over smooth sea glass stones. This fountain was created using just three items:

  1. A heavy, waterproof planter or pot.
  2. A bamboo fountain w/water pump.
  3. Several cups of smooth sea glass.

Add water & enjoy the serene partnership of both water & sea glass. Sooooothing.
If your planter has hole(s), they can be plugged with simple corking.


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Sea Glass Sun Catcher Lamp
Many sea glass collectors who find that their pieces might be large enough and colorful enough to catch the light, chose to hang their pieces as suncatcher focal points.

In the same way that a suncatcher in the window works, so would a chandelier or lamp. This chandelier at left was on display at one of our sea glass and ocean arts shows in Pennsylvania. Photographed with permission from the artist, here the sea glass is drilled and dangled along with cut glass and beads throughout the wrought iron light fixture.