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Sea Glass Pottery, Seaglass pottery, Beach Glass, Sea Glass Jewelry

If you are an avid sea glass collector, it is likely that you also have a few shards of pottery, ceramic or porcelain in your collection.  Sea pottery is synonymous with sea glass. In fact, most collectors keep their ocean-tumbled pottery collection in with their sea glass collection.

Sea pottery basically originates from pottery, crockery and dishes that were discarded into the sea.  Items break into smaller and smaller pieces and are tumbled smooth by the wind, waves and sSea Pottery and China, Sea Glass Potteryand along the shore. 

Sea glass pottery is more porous than sea glass, making it quite a bit more delicate than a heavy nugget of hard glass.  
Some more common sea pottery originate from the recognizable Fiesta Ware pottery shards in pastel colors, which were popular from about the 1930's on.  Fiesta Ware and other similar pottery lines came in many soft shades which are recognizable here including the highly sought after pieces with stripes.

Patterned Transferware (decorated using a transfer technique) and blue and white pottery, including porcelain dishes, were very widespread and were among the most highly collected kinds of dishes and tableware in the United States and Europe.  The original dinnerware patterns were first created in England in the 1820's.  Styles became very popular in the US in the early 1900's.

From the new book "The Ultimate Guide to Sea Glass"

Next month look for our information on pottery, porcelain and bisque toys and doll sea glass pieces.

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