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By Guest Blogger, Landon Beihl

There's little reason to visit the west or east coast, North American soils unless you're planning to spend some quality time at a beach. One of the great things about spending a day at the beach is the simplicity. You can grab a fold up chair, an umbrella, and a cooler bag stocked full of beach essentials or you could simply grab a pair of slip on shoes and get ready to walk the coastline. People are drawn to the beach for the meditative qualities, the rolling tide, the seemingly endless coastline, and the treasures that appear with each ebb & flow.

Beachcombers can also be investigators, trying to figure out what washed ashore and the age of the mysterious item. Maybe that green piece of sea glass is a remnant of an old bottle over one hundred years ago. Perhaps the driftwood is from an old ship. Beachcombing allows your imagination to be a big as the deep, dark waters. Whether you prefer the East Coast or the West, USA, there are interesting treasures to be found at the water's edge.

West Coast Beach, North America Finds

Some beachgoers prefer the sunny Southern California beaches during the peak of summer while others like the rainy and rocky Central Oregon Coast, either area you choose, you're sure to find some interesting washed up treasures. Remember, if you see something of interest, pick it up (unless it's alive then leave it alone). Chances are if you go back to find it, it will be gone. Consider beachcombing a "in the moment" activity. Here are a few things you may find:

The possibilities are endless for what you might find in the nooks and crannies of the coast line. Who knows, maybe you'll find a romantic message in a bottle.

East Coast, North America Treasures

The East Coast offers a lot of beachcombing opportunities from the beaches of Florida to the many beaches of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Take your pick and see what the Atlantic washes to the shoreline. While some of the finds are similar to those on the West Coast, you're likely to find some one-of-a-kind treasures. If you're a sea shell collector, the East Coast is the treasure trove for any shell from Scotch Bonnets to clam shells of all sizes. While OBX might be a shell seeker's gold mine, some are harder to find than others. Beachcombers may also find starfish, sea urchins, driftwood, and sea horses, but it's dependent on the beach and sea conditions.

On your next vacation, summer or winter, head to the beach and find a menagerie of memorable treasures.


Guest Blogger - Landon Biehl

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