The Love Affair With Sea Glass Hearts

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Sea glass tumbled and carried by the ocean's tidal movements, waves and wind is sculpted smooth and beautiful. To find a once broken and sharp shard, now frosted smooth by the elements is considered a treasure. Sea Glass Hearts, Seaglass Hearts, About Sea Glass, Beach Glass Jewelry, Valentine Sea GlassOne of the most common shapes that a shard of sea glass is found in is a triangular shape. This has everything to do with the angles at which discarded bottle and plate glass most often break into.

When one keeps in mind the thickness and age of the original glass piece, it is understandable that glassware would break apart and tumble naturally into all number of shapes. Though a heart shaped piece of sea glass is an extremely rare find, (not to mention incredibly romantic) it really is just a more intricate relative of the triangle. A nicely frosted and well spaced little divot atop the correct edge of a sea glass piece can turn a common shard into a lovely, coveted beach glass heart.

Seaglass Hearts, Rare Sea Glass, Valentines Beach Glass,, Seaglass InfoWhy do we love sea glass so much and even moreso, sea glass hearts? Since most pieces can be considered a long lost relic, that has traveled along a unique and sometimes tumultuous journey, each does seem set apart and special. Combine those factors along with a piece that emerges from the shore in a loving heart shape would make it even more dear. We've heard more than one collector share that they believe they've recieved a special message from a loved one or even the ocean itself when they've collected a special heart shaped sea glass piece.

We have even collaborated with several beach loving couple's who've used our sea glass hearts and even our sea glass heart jewelry as a gift or "prop" prior to a marriage proposal or other special occasion.

At West Coast Sea Glass we guestimate that for every 3,000 to 5,000 pieces of sea glass we have found that one might be a true, perfectly shaped, sea-smoothed heart. Most of them are saved, cherished and gazed at for years. But occasionally, we do chose to invest time and artistry into setting the piece in a classic keepsake piece of jewelry. And some of our finest pieces are made available as heirloom Valentine's Day gifts.

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