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Sea Glass Festival Memories
Sorting through photos from years and events past, the memories of Sea Glass Festival beauty could fill an ocean. I've had the privilege of helping to coordinate and attend most of the first sea glass events organized. And I am extra happy that I've toted my camera to each and every event to capture the color, buzz and overall positivity of everything beach glass!

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What's a Sea Glass Festival?
A sea glass event can fill an entire evening or take up a whole weekend! Imagine two plus days filled with thousands of passionate beachcombers, sea glass related art, crafts, lectures and exhibits. That's what happens when a "family" of creative, adventurous beach combers meet up and share their connection to the sea and those frosty little, tumbled gems.

Do you have a favorite sea glass piece or shard?
Most of the events have also included a contest or competition (sometimes called the "Shard of the Year" or Best Find Contest). This is where visitors from all over the country and the globe enter a favorite piece in hopes of winning recognition and even cash for their rare or unique find.  In addition to one large cash, grand prize winner some of the other entry categories are: Pottery/Ceramics, Whimsical/Toys, Bottle Stopper, Most Unusual, Historical, Art Glass, Marbles, Buttons and Figural.

Sunny California:
The first Sea Glass Festival that the West Coast Sea Glass team ever attended was the very firs North American Sea Glass Association Festival. I was one of the founding board members; a group of leading collectors from several parts of the country who dedicated many hours into organizing the event. The sunroom style exhibit hall overlooked the beach and mesmerizing Pacific Ocean in Santa Cruz, California. 

Sea Glass Events, Seaglass Festivals

The air was warm and the sun was shining all weekend as the sea glass festooned room seemed to glow with color. Museum like pieces were showcased upon white tables, while jewelry displays and table-top busts boasted glints of silver chain showcasing sea glass art. Stories were traded, specimens were shown and prizes were awarded. A ton of information and networking surged through the then, somewhat youngish collecting community. By the end of that event many sea glass friendships were made and continue still today.

Gotta Make it to The Next One and the Next One...:
For many years, West Coast Sea Glass has had the opportunity to attend, give leadership to and vend at about 20+ beach glass events. But today, there are sea glass festivals happening multiple times a year throughout the US east coast, the Great Lakes, Nova Scotia, Canada and California. Though we cannot possibly attend or assist with all of them, we can step back in time and review the memories and photos and plan for the next festival with anticipation!

Fall, 2018 brings the North American Sea Glass Festival to New Jersey once again.

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