Seafoam Green Sea Glass and Historic Coca Cola Bottles

Seafoam Green Sea Glass Tumbled Smooth by Pacific Ocean Shores, Seafoam Seaglass

Seafoam green sea glass; it often originates from vintage soda bottles.  Many pieces can date back to the late 1800's. That is when the Coca-Cola bottling company began manufacturing their famous, distinguishable light green bottle.

Sea glass collectors have named this color seafoam green for many years. It is frosty, seafoamy and beautiful like the ocean. We have traveled to the ends of the earth and extensively along the shores of the Pacific Ocean. It is along those shores that we have discovered pieces that have been tumbled smooth in the elements for decades.

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By the early 1900's America saw a surge in mass bottle production. And Coca Cola was one of the front runners using the soft greenish bottle color. By 1909 over 400 bottling plants were functioning.

By 1916, the famous contour bottle or "hobble skirt" bottle was being manufactured. And by the 1920's six packs were being marketed.  The beautiful, voluptuous and fairly thick Coke glass bottle became well recognized.


Where does sea glass come in?  To the sea glass collector, a thick, well frosted sea glass nugget in seafoam green is a treasure. The pieces are becoming more and more difficult to find. Why? Because it's been decades since humans have tossed refuse into shoreline landfills. The historic Coke bottle and it's frosty, bulbous remnants are a relic now from decades past.

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Recently, we were honored to have the Coca Cola bottling company contact us with the purpose of discussing the history of seafoam green, Coca Cola bottle sea glass which prompted this article. Thanks for following along.


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