Why We All Need Sea Glass Right Now

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Sea glass... are you familiar with it? Beach loving folks, ecologists, archaeologists, travel buffs and romantics are just a percentage of the kinds of wonderful people who are mesmerized by the mystery and beauty of true sea glass.

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       A beautiful, cobalt blue medicine bottle. Rare

Into the sea? Really? Yes, into oceans worldwide! Glassware has also historically been dumped into lakes, rivers, outhouse pits, landfills, off beach bluffs, from boats and more. A hundred years ago and more, most all coastal townships that used glass containers, discarded their refuse off a beachside bluff and into the water below.

Today, glass vessels from decades and even centuries past have been tumbling; the pieces fortuitously dropped by waves, most usually along the high tideline into smooth-ish, frosty gem forms. Generations later these pieces rest, ready and waiting for the hopeful, beachcomber.

blue bottle glass, seaglassThe Journey We're On:

Like us, sea glass has been on a tumultuous journey. It's been broken first of all, then subsequently discarded into the sea or body of water. It has endured a wild journey and has been pummeled by storms, tossed by wave and tide and with the washing of briny, salt-water is always ... wonderfully renewed.

This wave after wave journey can sculpt the otherwise jagged and sharp shard into its new, silky and gloriously frosted state. The hard-earned patina exhibits a story of a heroic journey.

Most sea glass collectors will agree ... that tranquil beach, the frosted shard and the calming, shore-combing zen of the search is just what most of us need right now. That is because sea glass really does seem to represent a wonderful, life-metaphor of tumult, survival and of an ultimate softening.

The piece can actually be a lot like the journey many of us humans trek along. And this is what attracts the rugged-individual in us.Aqua Sea Glass, Seaglass, West Coast Sea Glass, Seaglass Info

It's been a tumultuous year thus far. Most of us would agree that our balance and peace are being challenged, abraded, and knocked about. We find ourselves randomly traveling along but the waves keep coming at us. We continue with our surviving and thriving but we are wise enough to know that the waves will always come. Perhaps we can learn a retrospective lesson from sea glass after this year with its many months of challenges.

We are being refined.

The beautiful metaphor that sea glass gives all of us is one of resistance, resilience, sometimes brokenness, and ultimately it speaks of the refining power of the storm. We have all been through the storm and for most of us, we are still weathering it albeit with wearied resilience. Hang in in there. We are being sculpted, tossed, salted and still, our rough edges are being made softer and more beautiful. Just keep swimming. We are sure to emerge much more refined on the other side.

- Mary Beth Beuke 4/19/21