Rarest Robust Turquoise

This vibrant turquoise blue sea glass piece is well shaped and frosted. It measures 3cm x 2cm and is uniquely uniform in thickness.

We've never found a piece in this color before and believe it to originate from a glass pane. It was found along a Pacific Ocean beach where it tumbled for decades in the rocks and waves. Dime in photo for size reference.

Your sea glass will arrive with a card which tells the short story of sea glass and the name of the ocean your piece was found along.

*You will receive exact quantity in photo.

Glass Color: 

SKU: CG16 - $29
Price: $29.00
Rare Turquoise Sea Glass, Turquoise Seaglass, Beach Glass for Sale
This unique, beautiful chunk likely originated from decorative pane glass. It's thickness is uniform and the color is divine.