Caribbean Sampler - 15 pcs

This fifteen piece lot features pieces beachcombed from a Caribbean Island beaches. They are similar in size and shapes and one is well frosted, although not flawless as they will have at least one rougher edge or chips. Colors include amber brown, emerald green, frosty white and citron.

These pieces each measure between 1 -2 cm wide. They are great to use in your beachy  craft project, mosaics, art, or some jewelry.

Your sea glass will arrive on a card telling the story of sea glass, and the name of the ocean your pieces were beachcombed from.

*You will receive exact quantity in photo.

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Price: $16.00
Sea Glass Lot, Seaglass for Crafts, Beach Glass
A nice little sampler of 15 pieces from Caribbean Island shores features emerald greens, frosty whites, rootbeer colors and more.