Striped Colors Sea Pottery - 11 Pcs.

This 11 piece lot of ocean tumbled pottery pieces comes from various beaches along the Pacific Northwest's Salish Sea. Each has been beach combed by hand after it has spent decades of natural tumbling at sea.

A whimsical assortment here likely originates from mid century tableware pieces and ceramic pieces. The longest pieces measure 7/8" long, and the others are smaller as photographed. You will get the exact pieces shown here. These are not flawless and are considered craft quality as each may have a rough edge, discoloration or chip. Dime in photo for size reference.

Your items will come on a sea glass story card which also names the ocean your pieces were found along.

*You will receive exact quantity in photo.

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Sea Pottery, Seaglass Ceramics, Pottery, China, Pacific Ocean Sea Glass
A whimsical collection of colorful, striped sea pottery and ceramics; each has been tumbling for decades.