From Around The World - 21 pcs

Yes, you read that correctly. This global batch features twenty one unique sea glass pieces, each from different beaches around the world. In this batch is one piece from each of the following locations:

- St. Thomas Virgin Island
- The Baltic Sea
- Lake Ontario, US
- Hawaii, Big Island
- Italy, Tyrrhenian Sea
- Lake Erie, US
- Kodiak Island, Alaska
- Spain's Balearic Sea
- Bulgaria, Black Sea
- Greek Islands, Aegean Sea
- Japan, Pacific
- Scotland, North Sea
- England, North Sea
- Cadiz Spain, Gibraltar Strait
- Puerto Rico, Atlantic
- Puerto Rico, Caribbean
- Massachusetts, Atlantic
- Nova Scotia Canada
- St. Croix, Caribbean
- Pacific NW, Pacific
- Pacific NW, Salish Sea

Each piece will arrive with a card defining its authenticity and the name of the shore location where the piece was found. Each historic piece has been tumbling naturally for decades or more before being beach combed. The largest piece measures just slightly over 1" long and the others are smaller as photographed.

This batch is considered craft quality as each piece has at least one rough edge or chip. But the most wonderful thing about these pieces is that they span decades of beach wandering around the world. Such a magnificent conversation piece!

*You will receive exact quantity in photo.

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