Bulbous Pastel Bonfires - 11 pcs

These 11 pieces of pastel shaded sea glass are quite unique and well rounded. The longest piece measures 1", and the others are shorter as photographed.

They are not flawless and are considered craft quality due to their chunky shapes and the presence of beach sediment because they were burned in a beach bonfire, therefore aach piece may have a rough edge or an inclusion. They were plucked from a Pacific Ocean beach after tumbling for decades.

Your gems will arrive with a gift card which tells the short story of sea glass, and the name of the ocean your pieces were found. More craft grade sea glass here: Craft Quality Sea Glass Lots

*You will receive exact quantity in photo.

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Pastel sea glass, Bonfire seaglass, blue, green lavender and yellow beach glass
Full bodied, beautiful sea glass bonfire ovals and teardrops in pastel shades. .