Milk Glass Mix - 7 pcs

These seven pieces of milk (opaque) glass were discarded long ago and tossed into the sea where they tumbled for decades, then found along a rugged shoreline The colors included in this lot are mint green, soft blue, and white These pieces are not flawless, and each will have at least one rougher edge or corner. The longest piece measures almost 3/4", and the others are shorter as photographed. US dime in photo for size reference. Your sea glass will arrive on a card telling the short story of sea glass, and name the ocean your pieces were beach combed from.

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*You will receive exact quantity in photo.

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Price: $19.00
Vintage milk glass in greens and pastels. Genuine ocean tumbled sea glass, each beachcombed by hand
Opaque milk glass sea glass lot with lime green Jadite pieces. US dime in photo for sizing reference.