Natures Colors Lot - 36 Pcs

There are 36 lovely nuggets of green, blue, frosty white and amber sea glass pieces in this batch. You will get exactly what you see here. These rich colored pieces originate from bottle glass that was hand picked from along the shore, piece by piece. In this substantial batch you will get:

  • 5 Cobalt Blues
  • 11 Greens
  • 10 Frosty Whites
  • 10 Ambers and Browns

The largest piece measures right at 1.5cm and the rest are smaller. These are considered craft quality as each has a rough edge or chip. Perfect for crafts, delicate mosaic work and possible jewelry. US dime in photo for size reference.

*You will receive exact quantity in photo.

Glass Color: 

SKU: CQBL43 - $34
Price: $34.00
Bulk Sea Glass Lot, Bulk Seaglass, Blue Beach Glass
This lot features Pacific Ocean sea glass pieces as well as Atlantic Ocean found blues.