Sea Pottery Discs - 3 pcs.

This sweet, 2 piece batch of smooth sea pottery was beachcombed from along sunny, Pacific Northwest shores. They likely originate from vintage tableware, like Fiestaware or mid-century soft pottery for the home. They were discarded out to sea where the pieces broke and tumbled naturally smooth in the ocean for decades.

Each gem has been finely top edge drilled as shown, and they are awaiting your creativity. They are each just a hair over 1/2" wide as seen in photo. US dime is for sizing reference.

Your seaglass will arrive on a card telling the short story of sea glass, as well as the name of the Ocean your pieces were beachcombed from.

*You will receive exact quantity in photo.

Glass Color: 

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Drilled Sea Pottery. Drilled Seaglass Pottery, Beach Glass Pottery
Three sweet, Pacific pottery pieces have been finely drilled through and are ready for your creativity.