Seafoam Green Crescent

This  pastel, seafoam green piece measures just over 1 inch long, is well frosted and in pristine condition.

Tumbling at sea for decades, it likely originates from an old  Coca Cola bottle that was discarded and washed out to the ocean. Beachcombed  along a rugged shore of the mighty Pacific. Dime in photo for size reference.

Your sea glass will arrive with a gift card which tells the short story of sea glass and the  name of the ocean your piece was beachcombed from. 

*You will receive exact quantity in photo.

Glass Color: 

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Price: $11.00
Seafoam Green Sea Glass, Seafoam, Seaglass, Coca Cola Sea Glass, Coke Bottle
This beautiful, well frosted seafoam green beauty likely originates from historic Coca Cola bottle glass.