Flawless UV Glower Trio

This soft lime green trio will glow a bright neon green under a black light as seen in the first photo. This is due to uranium dioxide colorant that was added during the glass' original production. These pieces originate from vintage glass that was discarded into the Pacific Ocean decades ago and tumbled into these smooth shapes.

These would be perfect for a delicate necklace and earring set. The largest piece is 1.8cm long, and the smaller two are each 1.5cm in length. Dime in photo for size reference.

Your sea glass will arrive with a gift card which tells the short story of sea glass and the name of the ocean where your pieces were beachcombed. 

*You will receive exact quantity in photo.

Glass Color: 

SKU: JPT30 - $48
Price: $48.00
UV Seaglass, UV Sea Glass, Beach Glass that "Glows", "Uranium" Sea Glass, Vaseline Glass
Shown here under a UV black light, these pristine, elongated pieces of light limey colored sea glass make a wonderful set.