Highest Grade Colorful Stripes

This remarkable sea glass piece is truly a one of a kind! These beautiful, bright stripes of amber, blue, and red are layered atop frosty white sea glass. This happened as different colors of glass were mixed together either in an art glass piece or when a glass piece, while in the molten stage was tossed away out to sea.

This sea glass was found on a beach along England's North Sea. We have finely drilled a hole through the center; perfect as a keepsake or for your creativity! It measures just slightly over 1/2" wide. It will arrive on a card telling the short story of sea glass, and naming the ocean it was beachcombed along

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Price: $68.00
Rarest Sea Glass w/Blue, Pink and Amber color, Rare Seaglass
This is one of our very rarest sea glass pieces from the shores of England; showing swirls of rare blue, pink and amber. Drilled for your creative use.