2010 Sea Glass Festival - Cape Cod, Hyannis, Massachusetts

The 2010 Sea Glass Festival will be held October 9th and 10th at the Cape Cod Resort and Conference Center in Hyannis, MA.

This colorful, two-day, sea glass event is filled with exhibits, vendors, lectures and the Shard Of The Year Contest.

Sponsored by the North American Sea Glass Association, it is open to the public and to the world! Collectors from around the globe will converge on Cape Cod for this festive, jovial event that's dedicated to sea glass

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Hello Louise, Thanks for the kudos. We love our ...

Hello Louise,
Thanks for the kudos. We love our blog too. I started one of the communities on one of the online sites where some people do share locations of where to find sea glass, but I've not seen any posts for Buenos Aires. I'm not on SGL but am very involved with all the other great sites and will look for you there. Please follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/West-Coast-Sea-Glass/35873273187?ref=ts -Mary Beth