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Golden Patterned Goddess

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Cherry Red Mermaid Teardrops

These sterling silver earrings feature 5/8" wide, frosted white sea glass pieces that were found along rocky Pacific Ocean beaches after tumbling over many years into these smooth shapes.

Frosty White with Violet Dangles

This thick, seafoam green-hued sea glass nugget was found along a Pacific Ocean shore. It is well conditioned after spending many years tumbling in the ocean. West Coast Sea Glass

Seafoam Green Boardwalk Bracelet

This 7.75" sterling silver ringlet bracelet features a frosty teal green nugget of beachcombed sea glass. The jewel was found on a Pacific Ocean shoreline after tumbling over many years into this smooth, yet pitted gem.

Tropical Teal Byzantine Bracelet

This sterling silver bracelet features a petite and pristinely frosted white sea glass piece. The 1cm wide gem has a squared shape and was found along a rocky Pacific Ocean shore after tumbling in the sea for decades. West Coast Sea Glass

Paradise White Byzantine Bracelet

This artistic sea glass necklace is striking and one of a kind. The unique multicolored shades of turquoise and teal are brought out when held to the light, exposing its full beauty. West coast Sea Glass

Multicolor Turquoise Inlet

This handcrafted necklace features a genuine piece of multicolored sea glass found on a shoreline in England along the North Sea. It is bulbous and teardrop-shaped, and has rich tones of teal, emerald and electric greens swirling throughout. It spent decades in the sea, tumbling and transforming into the well-conditioned piece that was eventually found on the beach. The sea glass gem is 5/8" long. West Coast Sea Glass

Multicolor Green Half Moon Bay

This chunky piece of 7/8", genuine cobalt blue sea glass was found along a Pacific Ocean shoreline and likely originates from vintage pharmaceutical glass. It is well frosted and has a couple of chips visible along the edges.

Beach Bargain Cobalt Blue

This well frosted, richly colored piece of ocean tumbled seafoam green sea glass is 3/4" wide and was found along a Pacific Ocean shore. We handpicked this from a rocky beach after it tumbled in the sea for decades into this smooth shape. West Coast Sea Glass

Seafoam and Chalcedony

A pool of rich turquoise/royal blue layers the front of this frosty white sea glass piece. The flawless jewel was beachcombed  on a rocky North Sea shore in England. West Coast Sea Glass

Pristine Blue & White Bezel Wrap

This pretty piece of English sea glass features deep blue layers of color that extend over the front of the piece, framed in a frosty white edging. The beautiful piece was beachcombed from a coast along England's North Sea and is one of a kind. West Coast Sea Glass

Multicolor Blues

This sky blue, or cornflower blue sea glass gem was found on a shore along the Caribbean Sea in Puerto Rico. After tumbling in the waves and rocks for decades, it is beautifully frosted and has a flawlessly smooth shape.

Caribbean Blue Bezel Wrap

This romantic, scarlet red sea glass gem was found along a North Sea coastline in England. It measures just over 3/4" long, and has a smooth patina, with only minor pitting on the front, one small chip on the back. West Coast Sea Glass

Scarlet Bezel Wrap

A unique lime/olive green, 5/8 inch piece of ocean tumbled sea glass was found along a North Sea sea shore in England. It was handpicked from a rocky beach after tumbling for decades into this smooth shape and condition.

Lime Green Mojito