This 7.75" sterling silver ringlet bracelet will bring you back to the beach every time you wear it. The centerpiece features a smooth, teal green nugget of beachcombed sea glass. The jewel was found on a Pacific Ocean shoreline after tumbling into this smooth shape over many years.

Tranquil Teal Green Bracelet

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Perfect Aqua Oval

This sterling silver bracelet features a smooth, deep and dramatic red sea glass piece. The 1cm wide gem is petite in size and fierce in color. It was found along a rocky Pacific Ocean shore and is one the the most rare colors of historic, genuine sea glass to find. West Coast Sea Glass

Passionate Red Beach Bracelet

Starry Night Posts

Cobalt Blue Ring in Size 8.25. Made with vintage sea glass & bezel set on a sterling silver ring shank. Custom orders available: 360.461.9560.

Cobalt Blue Ring Size 8.25

Emerald Green Sea Glass Ring. Made with genuine sea glass, fine and sterling silver. Fits a size 7.75. Custom orders: 360-461-9560.

Emerald Green - Size 7.75

This lime green sea glass piece will glow neon green under the illumination of a black light. This is due to the uranium dioxide UV content in the glass. It has tumbled at sea for decades before being beachcombed by hand from an English seaside along the North Sea.

Lime Beachcomber Adjustable Size 6-8

With stunning yet simple styling, this sterling silver ring features a mesmerizing color of UV lime green sea glass. In natural light it has a minty green hue (1st photo), and under a black light it glows a fluorescent green due to the addition of uranium dioxide to the glass during manufacturing. West Coast Sea Glass

Glowing Green Size 7

Amber Brown Sea Glass Rings. Sterling silver & size 8.75. 360.461.9560.

Amber Brown - Size 8.75

Glacier Blue Ice

Aqua blue beach glass ring made with sterling silver. Made with glass found on the Pacific Ocean.

Aqua Blue Teardrop - Size 9.25

This brilliant, deep seafoam green sea glass gem was discovered along a Pacific Northwest beach. It spent years in the surf to achieve this frosted condition and has a nearly spherical shape. West Coast Sea Glass

Radiant Seafoam Green - Size 7

A vibrant and bright emerald green sea glass piece is set into this fine silver bezeled ring.  The sea glass measures just over 5/8" diameter.  It is surrounded by sterling silver that is soldered to an artisan cut and forged, sterling silver backplate.  The base is hand hammered with a sunburst pattern.  The band is sterling silver and a  comfort fit. It is sized for a 9.75 finger.

Emerald Green Burst - Size 9.75

Rare Red Sea Glass Ring, Red Seaglass, Sterling Silver Jewelry

SALE: Rare Red Teardrop - Size 6.25

Red Pottery Leaves