This aqua blue sea glass piece was found on an English seashore along the North Sea. The color reminds us of a shallow, saltwater bay in the tropics, and this piece is smooth and shapely with a pristine patina and only a couple of very minor blemishes. The jewel measures just under 3/4" tall and has a teardrop shape. West Coast Sea Glass

Aqua Lagoon Bezel Wrap

Golden Jewel Bracelet

This lovely beach found, cornflower blue sea glass piece has been whimsically tumbled into a smooth and frosted shape. This blue shade often originates from decades-old medicine bottle glass and is likely over 50 years old. Weathered and showing natural inclusions, the sea glass was picked up by us from along a Pacific Ocean shore, then set into this artisan created silver necklace.

A Drop in the Ocean

Cobalt Blue Sea Glass, Seaglass Bracelet, Jewelry, Jewellery, Sea Glass and Silver

Bodacious Blue Mermaid

Angular Cornflower Blue - Size 6.75

This rotund sea glass gem was found on a beach shoreline in England. It has a pretty teal blue-green color and a nice rounded, thick shape. It measures 1"x 3/4", and is 1/2" thick. It is very smooth and frosted, with some natural pitting from time spent in the salty sea. West Coast Sea Glass

Teal Mermaid's Bounty

The orange shade of these North Sea beach glass pieces are rare and about the brightest orange color we have seen. They were collected from a rocky beach along an English seaside.

Brightest Orange Bezel Cups

Three brightly colored sea glass gems in primary colors are lined up together in this remarkable necklace.

Layered Primary Brights

This large multicolored sea glass gem was beachcombed from a North Sea shore in England. It features swirled layers of golden yellows and browns and is 1 inch long and just under 1 inch wide.

Late Summer Glow Size 12

This beach found, ocean shaped sea glass teardrop was picked up from a rocky shore along England's North Sea. It measures 5/8" tall and is frosty white with a swirled spot of amber brown. The swirled look originates from molten glass that was mixed together with other colors. This resulted in a multi-hued chunk that was then discarded into the sea. The piece has spent many decades in the surf being shaped and conditioned.

UK Beauty Mark - Adjustable 7 - 8

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Bursting Orange Oval

These thick, rounded sea glass baubles were each found on Pacific Ocean beaches and matched up in our studio. They are smooth and frosted after years of tumbling at sea, likely originating from vintage bottle glass that was tossed out decades ago. Each piece measures approximately 1/2" wide.

Rich Seafoam Green Bezel Cups

These thick sea glass baubles, ablaze with a sunny yellow color are very rare to find. These were each beach combed on shorelines along the Pacific Ocean and matched up in our studio. They are smooth and frosted after years of tumbling at sea. Each piece measures approximately 3/8" wide.

Brightest Lemon Yellow Cups

The lime green shade of this Pacific Ocean sea glass is bright and will glow even brighter under a black light (as shown in the second photo below). This is due to the uranium dioxide content put into the glass when it was originally produced. West Coast Sea Glass

Fluorescent UV Lime Cups

Bezel Wrapped Aqua Set