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Classic White "Beach Bargain"

A pretty piece of soft aqua blue sea glass was found along a Pacific Ocean shore in this exact shape and condition. This is a popular color as it inspires memories of the sea. 

"Beach Bargain" Soft Aqua Blue

Pink Sea Glass Necklace, Pink Seaglass, Silver Jewelry, Necklace, Sterling Silver Jewellery, Pink Beach Glass

Sweet Pink Sea Glass Bar

This thick, rounded piece of English sea glass features deep blue layers of turquoise and cobalt color that extend across the center of the piece with frosty white on each side and back. The beautiful piece was beachcombed from a coast along England's North Sea and is one of a kind. West Coast Sea Glass

Cloudy Day at the Beach

Currant Teardrop

With an artistic appearance, the magenta spot of color atop this frosty white sea glass piece actually occurred when multiple colors of glass were combined while the original piece was still in the molten stage during production. The multicolored glass then tumbled for years into this smooth, rounded piece.

A Spot of Rose

The white oblong sea glass jewel rests horizontally on this fabulous, artist-hammered sterling silver horizon necklace. It has a sterling silver, handmade tube slide bail, and hangs from a sterling silver snake chain necklace in your choice of length.

White Cloud

The limey green shade of this Pacific Ocean sea glass is rich and vibrant. The 1/2" baubles have been set into oval sterling silver mountings with fully closing lever back style ear wires. The sea glass is held firmly in place with a strong epoxy.

Lime Green Bezel Cups

These thick sea glass baubles, radiant with a golden yellow color are very rare to find. These were each beach combed on shorelines along England's North Sea and matched up in our studio. They are smooth and frosted after years of tumbling at sea. Each piece measures approximately 1/2" wide.West Coast Sea Glass

Sunbeam Yellow Bezel Cups

A deliciously multicolored, blue sea glass gem was beachcombed from a rocky shore along England's North Sea. This rare color swirling occurred when multiple colors of glass were combined while still in the molten stage. The piece was discarded into the sea and has naturally tumbled for decades, possibly over 100 years.

English Blue Swirl - Size 7.75

A large, slender, triangular piece of bright aqua blue sea glass has been set into fine silver. This horizontal design allows the ring to lay across a neighboring finger as well.  The bold gem measures 1.25" long. The size 8.75 sterling silver ring shank features a simple hammered design.

Two Finger Aqua - Size 8.75

This bold and beautiful blue and white sea pottery ring is striking! The large piece was found along a North Sea shore in Scotland

Scottish Porcelain - Size 8.5

Sea Glass Ring, Yellow Seaglass, Sea Glass Jewelry, Yellow Sea Glass, West Coast Sea Glass

Pale Yellow Sunlight - Size 6

Smooth, rarest aqua blue sea glass from decades of natural Pacific Ocean tumbling, this pristine piece is one of our best, historic sea glass gems. Set all around in fine silver.

Aqua Blue Perfection

This pretty aqua blue sea glass bauble has a perfect oval shape and was found along a Pacific Ocean shoreline after tumbling for decades. West Coast Sea Glass

Beach Breeze Bezel Wrap


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