Lilac Jewel on Rolo Chain

Light Pink Heart Adjusts

This rare, vintage marble was found on a beach along the Pacific Ocean.  It is a 1/2" sphere and has been bezel set in fine .999 silver onto a hand textured sterling silver back plate and shank.  The unique ring has an open back in which the marble is able to swivel slightly inside the setting. The band fits a size 9.5 finger.

Green and White Swirly Marble Size 8.5

This set of 3 rich, bright yellow sea glass pieces, makes a gorgeous necklace and earrings collection. One of the very most rare sea glass colors, these genuine pieces were found on Pacific Ocean beaches. The largest, pendant piece has an interesting pattern on the glass, indicating its probable use as a vehicle signal lens or traffic signal from many years ago.

Rare Canary Yellow Set

This 5/8" soft yellow sea glass piece is set into a fine silver bezel  necklace. The sea glass was found along a remote Pacific Ocean shore and has been tumbled naturally for decades.

Pale Yellow with Hammered Back

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Seaham England Blue

This bright emerald green sea glass piece measures just over 1cm long. It has been securely set into a fine silver bezel. The smooth sea glass gem was found from along a rugged Pacific shoreline. It likely originates from vintage bottle glass.

Emerald Green Tie Bar

Sleek Cobalt Tie Bar. Made with cobalt blue sea glass & sterling silver. Order: 360-461-9560., West Coast Sea Glass

Cobalt Blue Tie Bar

Cornflower Blue Sea Glass. Set in fine silver & onto .925 silver tie bar. Great gift for the beach loving man in your life. Orders: 360-461-9560

Cornflower Blue Tie Bar

Cross Finger Blue Rod

This vividly colored, squared piece of genuine aqua blue sea glass rests at the base of a sterling silver teardrop. The small, 3/8" wide nugget was found along a Pacific Ocean shore and likely originates from vintage canning jar or insulator cover glass.

Aqua Blue Teardrop

A smooth, rare piece of multi colored  sea glass shows layers of magenta and richer pomegranate.  The beach gem measures just over 1/2" in a graceful teardrop shape. The sea glass originates from historic glass that had multiple colors mixed together in the molten, manufacturing stage. The rare, multicolored chunk was later discarded into the sea to be naturally tumbled smooth.

Garnet Layers Disc - Size 7.5

Be the envy of all your sea glass friends with these stunning earrings! Two of our largest, brightest, most rare sea glass pieces ever, were found separately on Pacific Ocean shores and matched together in our studio. West Coast Sea Glass

Ultimate Sea Glass Envy

Sultry Blue Heart

This long, slender "bean" of sea glass was found along a Pacific Ocean shore and is in flawless condition. It is limey green and perfectly smooth from the years it spent tumbling against the rocks and waves.

UV Lime Green Bean