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Vivid Yellow

This delicious red sea glass bauble was found on a Pacific Ocean beach after spending years tumbling in the sea. It has a smooth patina and a crescent shape. It measures just under 1/2" tall. West Coast Sea Glass

Cherry Red Rarity Size 7.75

This gorgeous shade of cornflower blue sea glass once belonged to a vintage medicine bottle or the like. It was tossed out to sea and, over time, was shaped into the beautiful piece that was discovered on shore many years later.

Piercing Blue Rolo Bracelet

Multicolor Beach Scene

Lilac Jewel on Rolo Chain

Light Pink Heart Adjusts

This rare, vintage marble was found on a beach along the Pacific Ocean.  It is a 1/2" sphere and has been bezel set in fine .999 silver onto a hand textured sterling silver back plate and shank.  The unique ring has an open back in which the marble is able to swivel slightly inside the setting. The band fits a size 9.5 finger.

Green and White Swirly Marble Size 8.25

Rare Canary Yellow Set

This 5/8" soft yellow sea glass piece is set into a fine silver bezel  necklace. The sea glass was found along a remote Pacific Ocean shore and has been tumbled naturally for decades.

SALE - Yellow on Hammered Silver

This bright emerald green sea glass piece measures just over 1cm long. It has been securely set into a fine silver bezel. The smooth sea glass gem was found from along a rugged Pacific shoreline. It likely originates from vintage bottle glass.

Emerald Green Tie Bar

Sleek Cobalt Tie Bar. Made with cobalt blue sea glass & sterling silver. Order: 360-461-9560., West Coast Sea Glass

Cobalt Blue Tie Bar

Cornflower Blue Sea Glass. Set in fine silver & onto .925 silver tie bar. Great gift for the beach loving man in your life. Orders: 360-461-9560

Cornflower Blue Tie Bar

This lavish ring features a rare piece of sea glass in cornflower blue. It likely originates from vintage medicine bottle glass that was tossed into the Pacific Ocean long ago, where it tumbled for decades forming this frosty, smooth gem-like bauble.

Cornflower Cocktail Ring Size 8.25

This smooth piece of 3/4", genuine cornflower blue sea glass was found along a North Sea shoreline in England and likely originates from vintage pharmaceutical glass.

Sapphire Blue Bezel Cup


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