UV sea glass, Seaglass Uranium, Glowing Sea Glass, Beach Glass Earrings.

Bright UV Lime Glowers

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Flawless Bulbous "Snowball"

Dark Ruby Red

Once a piece of fine china, this blue and white pottery was broken, discarded, and washed out to sea where it spent years tumbling in the sand and surf. It was found along a North Sea shore in Scotland. This specific pattern is called "Blue Willow", and became popular around the end of the 18th century.

Lg. Blue & White Pottery - Size 10

Sky Blue Simplicity

This yellow green sea glass gem was plucked from a North Sea beach in England. It is bulbous and measures 1/2" long. It actually has a couple of different colors swirled about inside the piece, and when held to the light, yellow and green shades can be seen. This occured when molten glass was mixed together with other color(s) during manufacturing, which resulted in a multi-hued chunk that was then discarded into the sea. The piece has spent many decades in the surf being shaped and conditioned. 

Golden Yellow-Green - Size 6.25

This crimson red pottery piece with a stripe of white running completely horizontal was found along a Pacific Ocean beach. Just as we find sea glass washed ashore after tumbling for years in the ocean, this pottery was once a dish perhaps, then discarded and tossed into the sea. The 7/8" long piece now has a very smooth, rounded appearance from the sculpting process of the waves over time.

Crimson Pottery - Sailboat

"Beach Bargain" Grey Blue

Elongated Baby Blue

Pastel sea glass necklace, Blue Seaglass, Pink Seaglass, UV Seaglass, Pendant

Aqua, Pink, Lime Trio

This Aqua Blue Sea Glass Ring is Pure Perfection! This beautiful sea glass oval is bright aqua blue. One of our most popular colors, as it is reminiscent of tropical waters. The piece likely originated from vintage canning jar or electric insulator glass. and was found along a rocky, Pacific Ocean shore. West Coast Sea Glass

Aqua Perfection Size 9.5

Show your love for the beach with these sophisticated and elegant heart shaped sea glass earrings. Each of these approximately 1/2" cobalt blue pieces were found separately along Pacific Ocean shores. They likely originate from vintage medicine bottles, and spent decades at sea where the ocean tumbled the broken glass into these smooth and pretty heart shapes.

Romantic Royal Blue Dangle Hearts

This sweet sea glass cuff bracelet features a soft lime green heart as its centerpiece. The glass has spent many decades in the surf being shaped and conditioned. This smooth, rounded piece was found along a rocky Pacific Ocean shore. It will glow a brighter green color under a black light due to colorants used during the original manufacturing process.

UV Heart Baby Bracelet

Soft Aqua Ohajiki Piece

Olive, Japan Ohajiki