This rare, vintage marble was found on a beach along the Pacific Ocean.  It is a 1/2" sphere and has been bezel set in fine .999 silver onto a hand textured sterling silver back plate and shank.  The unique ring has an open back in which the marble is able to swivel slightly inside the setting. The band fits a size 9.5 finger.

Green and White Swirly Marble Size 8.25

Rare Canary Yellow Set

This 5/8" soft yellow sea glass piece is set into a fine silver bezel  necklace. The sea glass was found along a remote Pacific Ocean shore and has been tumbled naturally for decades.

SALE - Yellow on Hammered Silver

Cornflower Cocktail Ring

This smooth piece of 3/4", genuine cornflower blue sea glass was found along a North Sea shoreline in England and likely originates from vintage pharmaceutical glass.

Sapphire Blue Bezel Cup

Red sea glass, Red Seaglass, Sea Glass Rings, West Coast Sea Glass, Jewelry

Garnet Layers Disc - Size 7.5

Be the envy of all your sea glass friends with these stunning earrings! Two of our largest, brightest, most rare sea glass pieces ever, were found separately on Pacific Ocean shores and matched together in our studio. West Coast Sea Glass

Ultimate Sea Glass Envy

It has taken years of beach combing for us to find this beautiful, deep red sea glass nugget. Red sea glass is one of the most rare shades to find as it was more expensive to manufacture and therefore not mass produced like more common colors. The sea glass has a squared shape and measures 3/8" wide. This piece tumbled in the Pacific Ocean for decades before it washed ashore and was plucked off a rocky shoreline. West Coast Sea Glass

Sultry Red Bracelet

This long, slender "bean" of sea glass was found along a Pacific Ocean shore and is in flawless condition. It is limey green and perfectly smooth from the years it spent tumbling against the rocks and waves.

UV Lime Green Bean

UV sea glass, Seaglass Uranium, Glowing Sea Glass, Beach Glass Earrings.

Bright UV Lime Glowers

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Flawless Large Bulbous "Snowball"

This aqua blue sea glass nugget was found on a rugged North Sea shoreline in England. We've set it into an open backed sterling silver ring with white gold plating.

Cold Ocean Aqua Adjusts Sizes 7-9

Once a piece of fine china, this blue and white pottery was broken, discarded, and washed out to sea where it spent years tumbling in the sand and surf. It was found along a North Sea shore in Scotland. This specific pattern is called "Blue Willow", and became popular around the end of the 18th century.

Lg. Blue & White Pottery - Size 10

Sky Blue Simplicity

This yellow green sea glass gem was plucked from a North Sea beach in England. It is bulbous and measures 1/2" long. It actually has a couple of different colors swirled about inside the piece, and when held to the light, yellow and green shades can be seen. This occured when molten glass was mixed together with other color(s) during manufacturing, which resulted in a multi-hued chunk that was then discarded into the sea. The piece has spent many decades in the surf being shaped and conditioned. 

Golden Yellow-Green - Size 6.25