With an artistic appearance, the honey brown spot of color atop this frosty white sea glass piece actually occurred when multiple colors of molten glass were tossed together into the sea. The multicolored chunk then tumbled for years into this smooth, rounded piece.

Honey Topped English White

Eclipse Necklace. Cornflower blue set into fine silver with sterling silver backplate and sterling silver. Order: 360-461-9560.

Eclipse Necklace

This large piece of English sea glass features deep blue layers of color that extend throughout the piece in a graduated, ombre effect of darker to lighter shades. The beautiful piece was beachcombed from a coast along England's North Sea and is one of a kind. West Coast Sea Glass

Nautical Beauty

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Scottish Pottery Relics

These vibrant, emerald green sea glass pieces were found separately along  Pacific Ocean shores and matched together in our studio. They likely originate from vintage bottle glass.

Shamrock Greens

English Navy Swirl

Patterned Red

Green Sea Glass Ring, Green Seaglass Jewelry, Beach Glass Ring

Emerald Green - Size 10

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Red Slag Glass Bezel Wrap

Cornflower Blue Sea Glass Necklace with a Swirl. Made with sterling silver & real sea glass. Orders: 360-461-9560.

Cornflower Swirl

This minty green  piece of sea glass is pastel, yet bright. Bezeled  in fine silver, this pendant has been handcrafted and designed by the artist. It features a hand hammered circular backplate in sterling silver. The criss-cross  hatching adds texture and highlights the sea glass.  A simple and elegant design, it is quite a versatile necklace.

Minty Green in Hammered Silver

This frosty brown piece of sea glass has been beachcombed from a shore along the Pacific Ocean and likely originates from vintage bottle glass. It has red tones and is a burnt sienna shade of brown.

Burnt Sienna Radiance

Turquoise Blue Sea Glass Necklace. Set onto a hand-hammered, sterling silver backplate. Custom orders: 360.461.9560.

Rare Turquoise Blue

Hot Orange Marble

This piece of richly colored teal green sea glass likely originates from vintage bottle glass, and it has a pronounced rim line running diagonally through the gem. It tumbled for many years in the Pacific Ocean to achieve the smooth, frosted appearance we see here.

Teal Green Hammered