This frosty brown piece of sea glass has been beachcombed from a shore along the Pacific Ocean and likely originates from vintage bottle glass. It has red tones and is a burnt sienna shade of brown.

Burnt Sienna Radiance

Turquoise Blue Sea Glass Necklace. Set onto a hand-hammered, sterling silver backplate. Custom orders: 360.461.9560.

Rare Turquoise Blue

Hot Orange Marble

This piece of richly colored teal green sea glass likely originates from vintage bottle glass, and it has a pronounced rim line running diagonally through the gem. It tumbled for many years in the Pacific Ocean to achieve the smooth, frosted appearance we see here.

Teal Green Hammered

UV Sea Glass, Glowing Seaglass, UV Beach Glass, UV Sea Glass Necklace, "Uranium" Sea Glass

"Beach Bargain" UV Lime

Rare Turquoise Sea Glass. Set on hand hammered sterling silver in a unique design.

Turquoise Sea Glass Necklace

Cornflower blue sea glass and sterling silver. Ring size 7.5.

Cornflower Blue - Size 7.5

Electric Green Boulder Size 8.25

Portly Seafoam Adjustable Heart

Aqua blue sea glass in a men's "surfer dude" necklace. Fine silver and sterling necklace.

Aqua Blue Surfer Dude

Pink Sea Glass Earrings, Pink Seaglass in Silver Earrings, Beach Glass Earrings, Pink

Historic Pink on Curved Squares

Smooth, rare, bright red colored sea glass pieces are artisan set all around in fine silver.  They are soldered onto hand hammered sterling silver backplates for an eye-catching statement.  The total earring length is slightly over 3/4" long.

Rarest Red on Rectangular Silver

This gorgeous piece of historic, color swirled sea glass was found on a beach along England's North Sea. Layers of magenta and deep red color fill the gem. West Coast Sea Glass

Magenta Victorian Swirls

Red Sea Glass, Red Seaglass, Bracelet, Jewelry, Red Beach Glass Jewllery.

Large Silky Smooth Red

Scotland Porcelain Bangle


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