Aqua Blue Buckle Bracelet

This bright, emerald green sea glass bauble has been tumbled in the Pacific Ocean for decades before it was discovered on a rocky shore.

Emerald Green Charm

Blue sea glass ring, Blue Seaglass in Silver, Beach Glass Ring

Cobalt Blue Heart Size 9

Deep Teal Green on Byzantine

With an artistic appearance, the magenta spot of color atop this frosty white sea glass piece actually originates from multiple colors of glass that were mixed together when in the molten stage. Whether the original glass was created as an artistic piece or was from an industrial bottle-works site,  it has resulted in a multi-hued chunk that was discarded into the sea. The piece spent many decades thereafter in the surf being shaped and conditioned.

Crimson Beauty Mark

Luscious Lavender Set

Sea Glass Earrings, Seaglass Earrings, Beach Glass earrings, Golden Sea Glass, West Coast Sea Glass, Sea Glass Jewelry,

Golden Orbs Hammered Teardrops

There is a pop of beautiful violet on this frosty white sea glass orb. The glass originates from a multicolored piece of kiln glass that was discarded along a shore on England's North Sea. Decades of natural tumbling in the rocky surf has worn the piece smooth.

Deep Violet Swirl Size 7

Cobalt blue sea glass ring in size 7. Made by the artists at West Coast Sea Glass. Custom orders: 360.461.9560

Cobalt Blue Prong Size 7

Amberina Orange Heart-shaped Sea Glass Ring in Size 8. Genuine sea glass features star pattern. Orders: 360-460-9560.

Amberina Orange Size 8

Pacific Ocean Seaglass, Beach Glass Jewelry, Lavender Ring, Pinky Ring

Soft Lavender Pinky Ring - Size 3.75

This nearly flawless, frosted teardrop of ocean tumbled teal green sea glass was found along a Pacific Ocean shore. We handpicked this from a rocky beach after it has naturally tumbled for decades into this smooth shape and condition. West Coast Sea Glass

Deep Teal Bezel Cup

Summer Ocean Necklace

Blue and Green Sea Glass Necklace, Seaglass Necklace

Angular Ocean Treasures

This alluring, rare 7/8" sea glass jewel is one of the most beautiful we've ever found. It had been tumbling on a Pacific Ocean beach for decades before we beachcombed it by hand. It most likely originates from a vintage tableware piece that was broken then tossed into the sea long ago.

Bright Cherry Red