This nautical bracelet features a delicious, large cobalt blue sea glass gem. The bauble measures 7/8" x 3/4" and was found on a Pacific ocean shore after tumbling for decades at sea. It is very smooth and well frosted.

Cobalt Reef Hinge Bracelet

This gorgeous necklace features a piece of English sea glass in shades of amber layered together inside the piece. The swirled look originates from molten glass that was mixed together with other colors. This resulted in a multi-hued chunk that was then discarded into the sea. The piece has spent many decades in the surf being shaped and conditioned. It is very smooth and measures 1.8cm tall, and was beachcombed in this exact condition from a North Sea shoreline in England.

Amber Layers Teardrop

Aqua blue sea glass on sterling silver that has been hand hammered with a dappled texture. 360-461-9560. West Coast Sea Glass

Aqua Blue Textured Teardrops

This multicolored ring features a 5/8" wide sea glass gem with hues of warm gold yellow and brown. It was beach combed along a North Sea shore in England after years of tumbling at into this smooth, frosted shape.

Desert Spice Size 7.5

Red sea glass, Red beach glass Necklace, Seaglass Red, Pendant, Sterling Silver

Rare Red Patterned Signal Lens

Sea Glass Jewelry for Men, Father's Day Seaglass, Beach Glass & Leather Necklace, Seaglass Jewelry

Men's "Surf's Up" Brown & Silver

Sky Blue Ohajiki

This sterling silver bezel wrapped sea glass necklace holds a golden yellow drop of North Sea beach glass found in England. The nearly round piece is rich in color and measures 5/8" wide.

Sunflower Blossom Bezel Wrap

Our original design, this rich teal blue-green sea glass beauty is set in fine silver in this highest quality necklace. It is bezel set all around in fine silver and soldered to a round, sterling silver backing. The back piece is hand hammered and soldered, and securely hangs from a sterling silver split ring. Total length of the pendant with bail is 1.75".

Teal, Blue-Green Marble

Spanish Glass Blowing Rod

Aqua Blue Buckle Bracelet

This bright, emerald green sea glass bauble has been tumbled in the Pacific Ocean for decades before it was discovered on a rocky shore.

Emerald Green Charm

Cobalt Blue Heart

Sea Glass Jewelry, Blue Seaglass, Sea Glass Bracelet,

Handsome Cobalt Blue

With an artistic appearance, the magenta spot of color atop this frosty white sea glass piece actually originates from multiple colors of glass that were mixed together when in the molten stage. Whether the original glass was created as an artistic piece or was from an industrial bottle-works site,  it has resulted in a multi-hued chunk that was discarded into the sea. The piece spent many decades thereafter in the surf being shaped and conditioned.

Crimson Beauty Mark