Heart Shape

This vibrant royal blue, heart-shaped sea glass piece is the largest blue heart we have, and measures 1 inch wide. It's been sculpted by the mighty waves of the Pacific Ocean into this romantic shape. Although smooth to the touch, this piece does have a few rougher spots along the edges. It most likely originates from a vintage pharmaceutical bottle.

Large Lovely Cobalt Heart

Aqua Ocean Hearts

Super rare and beach combed in these exact shapes, these beautiful cobalt blue sea glass pieces are finely drilled and fastened with sterling silver pinch bails that run through the hole. They hang on thin lever back style ear wires. They each measure approximately 5/8" tall. WestCoastSeaGlass.com

Elegant Cobalt Blue Hearts

This sweetly smooth and frosty soft green sea glass heart hangs from a sterling silver "Mermaid tear" that is securely fastened with a pin running through the finely drilled hole. WestCoastSeaGlass.com

Soft Summer Green

This beautiful heart shaped sea glass necklace is seafoam green in color, likely originating from a vintage Coca-Cola bottle. It is drilled and held securely with a handmade, sterling silver twist bail that runs through the piece. The length of this pendant including the bail is 1 & 5/8" long, as the heart itself is 1" tall, as well as 1 & 3/8" wide. It hangs on sterling silver snake chain in your choice of length. WestCoastSeaGlass.com

Really Big Seafoam Green Affection

Pink Sea Glass, Pink Seaglass, Beach Glass Necklace, Beach Glass Heart

Lg. Shapely Nude Heart

The mighty Pacific Ocean has sculpted these two separate pieces into smooth, outrageously romantic heart shapes.  They have been artisan drilled and are securely held with a sterling silver, "teardrop" shaped bail that has a pin which runs through the hole.  These dangle freely from sterling silver earwires. West Coast Sea Glass

Olive Green Hearts

This rare heart shaped sea glass was found along a Pacific Ocean coastline after tumbling in the salty sea for decades. It has a vivid, rich emerald green color and measures 3/4" wide x nearly 7/8". West Coast Sea Glass

Emerald Green Tenderness

This unique, larger pendant features a genuine sea glass heart, found in this exact shape from along a North Sea beach in Scotland. It has been tumbling the surf for decades. The color tells us that it most likely originates from vintage pharmaceutical glass. This piece has ridges and is quite curvy. West Coast Sea Glass

Scottish Cobalt Heart

This sweetly shaped, amber brown colored piece of sea glass is frosted and conditioned by the mighty Pacific Ocean into this exact, romantic gem! This shape is a rare treat to find! West Coast Sea Glass

Sweet Amber Brown Heart

UV Lime Glowing Sweetness

This rare, pale pink nugget of genuine sea glass was found on a beach along the Pacific Ocean. It measures 7/8" wide and is a perfect heart shape. The jewel has smooth edges and frosted patina after a decades-long journey at sea. A couple of small inclusions are seen on the front. WestCoastSeaGlass.com

Soft Pink Crush

This rare, romantic piece of heart-shaped teal blue-green sea glass was found along a Mediterannean Ocean shore in Spain. It is smooth and curvaceous after a tumultuous journey in the sea over decades. The beachy jewel measures just under 3/4 inch wide. WestCoastSeaGlass.com

With Love, From Spain

Love to the Moon and Back

Seafoam Green Sea Glass Pendant, Coca Cola Seaglass Pendant

Larger Minty Green