Lime Swirl Marble Statement

This rare, vintage marble was found on a beach along a Pacific Ocean shore. The gem is a soft green with sky blue swirls through the center.  It is rare to find true, well-frosted marbles along the beach.

Frosty Pacific Marble

Opaque Olive Green Wrapped Marble

Bezel Wrapped Marble

This sea marble with a ribbon of bright yellow color inside was found whole on a Pacific Ocean shore. It's held securely in a sterling silver plated "pressure setting" pendant.

Vibrant Yellow Sea Marble

This rare, vintage marble was found on a beach along the Pacific Ocean.  It is 5/8" in diameter, and has cornflower blue swirls against a light blue, opaque base marble.

Opaque Swirls Blue Marble

This elusive sea glass marble was found along a Pacific Ocean beach after it had been tumbling naturally for decades. It is frosty white with an orange swirl of color inside. The sea marble measures 1/2" wide and is held with a sterling silver plated "pressure setting". The total length of the pendant is 1.25". It hangs on a sterling silver snake chain in the length of your choice.

Orange Ribbon Sea Marble

Blue Ocean Marble Necklace

Sea Glass Marble Necklace, Seaglass Marble, Beach Glass Marble, Jewelry

Milk Glass Autumn Swirl

Earth Colors Cat's Eye

This rare seafoam green beach glass marble was found on a shore along the Pacific Ocean. It has retained its perfectly spherical shape and has a matte, frosted patina after tumbling at sea for decades. West Coast Sea Glass

Seafoam Green Codd Marble