Mermaid Tears

This rich aqua blue sea glass gem is smooth and well conditioned after a long journey at sea. It has a prominent rim line running diagonally across the piece and most likely originates from a decades old canning jar rim.

Bright Aqua Blue Rim

This beautiful piece of genuine sea glass was found on a rocky shore along England's North Sea. It shows horizontal layers of golden yellow and amber browns.

Golden Horizons

These genuine blue sea glass pieces were found separately along Pacific Ocean shores, and matched together into these romantic earrings.

Royal Blue Hearts

Beachcombed in these exact shapes, finely drilled and secured with sterling silver pinch pin "teardrops", these 1/2" wide amber brown beauties hang from sterling silver ear wires. They were each found on separate, Pacific ocean shores but they seem to be perfect for each other.  Heart shaped sea glass is a super rare find!

Pacific Amber Brown Amore

This pair of frosty white sea glass hearts had separate journeys at sea, tumbling for decades. They have finally found their mate here, and were made into these lovely earrings. A romantic gift for any sea glass lover, these earrings feature sterling silver "mermaid tear" pins that secure through a finely drilled hole in the glass. They dangle from sterling silver lever back style ear wires.  The hearts each measure just shy of 1/2" wide.

Lever Back Style White Hearts

Aqua Blue Mermaid Tear Sea Glass Earrings, Seaglass and Sterling Silver Earrings, Jewelry, West Coast Sea Glass

Aqua Blue Mermaid Tears

Inspired style from beach living, an olive green piece of naturally tumbled sea glass is set into a sterling silver "mermaid tear" pinch bail securely holding the seaglass. Attached to a jump ring, you can add your favorite chain. Classic style, elegant and casual at the same time. Makes a wonderful gift for a loved one, or a treat for yourself. Great for wearing to the beach, or when you wish you could be there.

Soft Green Mermaid Tear Pendant

Frosty white genuine sea glass pendant on sterling silver "mermaid tear" bail. Perfect for beach weddings, gifts, or everyday wear to bring the beach with you wherever you go.

Frosty White Mermaid Tear Pendant

Bright emerald green sea glass picked off a Pacific Ocean beach after tumbling at sea making it smooth and well frosted. Pendant with sterling silver "mermaid tear" bail that runs securely through the finely drilled hole. Genuine beach glass.

Emerald Green Mermaid Tear Pendant

Cobalt blue sea glass, Seaglass Necklace - Cobalt Blue, Rare blue beach glass necklace, Jewelry

Rare Cobalt Blue Mermaid Tear

Pink Champagne Sea Glass Necklace on Mermaid Tear. Always made with genuine sea glass picked off an ocean's shore

Pink Champagne Necklace

Cornflower Blue Mermaid Teardrop Necklace. Made with real sea glass (probably an antique medicine bottle) and sterling silver.

Cornflower Blue Mermaid Tear

Lavender Mermaid Tail Necklace. This seaglass originates from bottle glass that was made in the U.S. during WWI.

Lavender Mermaid Tail Necklace

This bright, limey green "Vaseline" glass glows a bright yellow-green under a black light. It likely originates from Depression Era tableware that was discarded into the rugged ocean surf, and has been tumbling naturally along a remote Pacific shore for years. - See more at:

Glowing UV Mermaid Tear

Seafoam Green Mermaid Tear Necklace. The soft color is reminscent of the seashore upon which it was found. Great gift for the beach lover.

Frosty Seafoam Green