Mermaid Tears

This rare, 1" long, champagne pink Pacific gem likely originates from vintage Depression-era glass that was discarded into the rugged ocean surf. It tumbled naturally along a remote Pacific shore for decades.

Pink Champagne Mermaid Tear

Lavender Mermaid Tail

UV Sea Glass, Glowing Seaglass, UV Beach Glass, UV Sea Glass Necklace, "Uranium" Sea Glass

Glowing UV Mermaid Tear

Seafoam Green Mermaid Tear Necklace. The soft color is reminscent of the seashore upon which it was found. Great gift for the beach lover.

Frosty Seafoam Green

This thicker, just over 1-inch emerald green Pacific gem is vibrant and historical. It likely originates from decades-old bottle glass discarded years ago. It's been tumbling naturally along a remote Pacific shore.

Emerald Green Mermaid Tail

These 3/8" long, rare bright orange sea glass beauties are finely top drilled. They hang from sterling silver, French  ear wires and are secured with sterling silver "teardrop" bails that runs through the hole. West Coast Sea Glass

Rarest Orange Mermaid Tears

These genuine sea glass pieces are finely drilled through, then secured with sterling silver "teardrop" pins that run through the hole. They hang from.925 sterling silver ear wires.

Pink Chiffon Mermaid Tears

These 1/2" sea glass pieces are a yummy shade of golden honey brown and were found after decades of tumbling in the Pacific Ocean. They are finely drilled and hang on sterling silver ear wires with sterling silver "teardrop" grab pins. West Coast Sea Glass

Golden Honey Mermaid Tears

These 1/2" long, bright red sea glass gems are drilled and hang from sterling silver, fish hook ear wires. A sterling silver "mermaid teardrop" pinch bail runs through the hole, securing the sea glass to the earring. Red sea glass is very rare to find as it was not mass produced due to the expense of colorants needed to create red glass.

Super Rare Red

This smooth pair of rich, 1/2" emerald green sea glass pieces is drilled through and secured with sterling silver "teardrop" pins. They hang on sterling silver ear wires. West Coast Sea Glass

Emerald Green Mermaid Tears

These seafoam green sea glass pieces are 1/2" long and likely originate from vintage Coca Cola bottle glass. The color is reminiscent of the Pacific Ocean from whence they came. They are finely drilled and hang securely from sterling silver ear wires with sterling silver "teardrop" pinch pins.

Seafoam Green Mermaid Tears

This smooth pair of root beer bottle brown sea glass pieces were found along Pacific Ocean shores and matched together in our studio. Each is approximately 1/2" tall. They have been carefully drilled and hung from sterling silver ear wires, secured with sterling silver "teardrop" pins.

Rootbeer Brown Mermaid Tears

These genuine sea glass earrings feature a rich, cobalt blue color that likely originates from vintage medicine bottle glass. Each piece measures approximately 5/8" long and was collected from a Pacific Ocean shore.

Cobalt Blue Mermaid Tears

Aqua Blue Mermaid Tear Earrings made with Beachcombed Seaglass and Sterling Silver

Aqua Blue Mermaid Tear Earrings

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Soft Blue Mermaid Tears