This seafoam green sea glass gem was found along a rocky North Sea shoreline in England after tumbling in the waves and rocks for decades. It is thick and frosted and has a pretty oval shape. When held to the light, multicolor streaks of blue-green are seen throughout the inside of the piece, giving it the essence of an underwater scene with rays of light penetrating the water. West Coast Sea Glass

Seafoam Reef Multicolor

This striking, nearly 1 inch long piece of English sea glass is mostly pure white in color with a pristine, thick teardrop shape. It features a most interesting patch of colors however that looks like an abstract scene of the setting sun over water. The multicolored layers include golden honey and cornflower blue shades. West Coast Sea Glass

Sunset at Sea

Colorful Teardrop Necklace. The sea glass swirls with pink, purple and blue.The pendant hangs from sturdy, sterling silver bail. 360-461-9560.

Colorful Teardrop

This large piece of English sea glass features deep blue layers of color that extend over the front of the piece, framed in a frosty white edging. The beautiful piece was beachcombed from a coast along England's North Sea and is one of a kind.

Midnight Blue Pool

This unique piece of genuine sea glass has rare shades of hot pink and cranberry layers along with frosty white combined into one beautiful gem. It was found on a rocky shore along England's North Sea after tumbling into the smooth shape for many years. West Coast Sea Glass

Hot Pink "Swinger"

This beautiful piece of genuine sea glass is a one of a kind gem tumbled naturally by England's North Sea until smooth and frosty. The rare piece shows gorgeous layers of cobalt blue that stand out against the frosty white background. West Coast Sea Glass

Indigo Sea "Swinger"

The size, colors, and condition of this sea glass piece seem almost too good to be true, but it is genuine sea glass, picked up on a rocky North Sea shoreline in England. The rare multicolored gem contains layers of cobalt blues and frosted white with one gorgeous piece. It is large, thick, and oval shaped. It measures 1" long x 3/4" wide and 3/8" thick.

Striking Multicolor Bezel Wrap

These beautiful sea glass earrings in hues of turquoise and aqua blue layers on light blue or white backgrounds, originate from the shores of England's North Sea. Each piece measures about 5/8" long and was hand plucked from a rocky beach.

Turquoise English Multi-Colored

A pristine piece of sea glass in layers of honey and rich browns was beachcombed off England's North Sea and originates from rare glass that was discarded into the sea after multiple colors had been mixed together.  The result is a single piece with layers of color.

Gold and Amber Flames

This fascinating teardrop shaped sea glass is frosty white and features a dramatic layering of colors. Deep purple hues dot and stripe the landscape, as well as dabs of magenta.  The beautiful piece was beachcombed  from a coast along England's North Sea and is truly one of a kind. It originates from rare glass that was discarded into the ocean decades ago.

Magenta & Purple "Swinger"

This beautiful piece of genuine sea glass will amaze you with its splendor. It has at least 5 different shades of warm, golden colors with tones of orange, yellow, and brown running throughout, along with some frosty white on one edge as well.

Warm Layers of Honey Bezel Wrap

Beautiful Autumn colors!  All natural sea glass beachcombed from England's North Sea. Layers of browns, yellows, and white, this piece obtains it's beautiful "stripes" from End of Day art glass mixed together and thrown into the ocean decades ago. A unique jewelry piece on sterling silver filament wire, and accented with silver, copper, glass, and base metal beads.

English Autumn Layers with Beads

Back to Nature. Necklace features three colors of Pacfic Ocean sea glass and sterling silver Thai beads.

Back to Nature Necklace

Multi-Colored | West Coast Sea Glass


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