Colorful Teardrop Necklace. The sea glass swirls with pink, purple and blue.The pendant hangs from sturdy, sterling silver bail. 360-461-9560.

Colorful Teardrop

Teal, Purple & Magenta

Sweet Pink Mermaid Tear

Road to the Sea "Swinger"

Hot Pink Layered "Swinger"

These beautiful sea glass earrings in hues of turquoise and aqua blue layers on light blue or white backgrounds, originate from the shores of England's North Sea. Each piece measures about 5/8" long and was hand plucked from a rocky beach.

Turquoise English Multi-Colored

Magenta Layers "Swinger"

A pristine piece of sea glass in layers of honey and rich browns was beachcombed off England's North Sea and originates from rare glass that was discarded into the sea after multiple colors had been mixed together.  The result is a single piece with layers of color.

Gold and Amber Flames

This fascinating teardrop shaped sea glass is frosty white and features a dramatic layering of colors. Deep purple hues dot and stripe the landscape, as well as dabs of magenta.  The beautiful piece was beachcombed  from a coast along England's North Sea and is truly one of a kind. It originates from rare glass that was discarded into the ocean decades ago.

Magenta & Purple "Swinger"

English Deep Sea "Swinger"

Beautiful Autumn colors!  All natural sea glass beachcombed from England's North Sea. Layers of browns, yellows, and white, this piece obtains it's beautiful "stripes" from End of Day art glass mixed together and thrown into the ocean decades ago. A unique jewelry piece on sterling silver filament wire, and accented with silver, copper, glass, and base metal beads.

English Autumn Layers with Beads

Back to Nature. Necklace features three colors of Pacfic Ocean sea glass and sterling silver Thai beads.

Back to Nature Necklace