This sterling silver bracelet features seven pieces of sea glass beachcombed from Meditteranean Sea shores. The bold, bright colors are amazing! Included are cobalt blue, aqua blue, and bright golden yellow. Each piece measures approximately 1/2" wide.

7 Spanish Beauties

This beachy cluster of 5 Pacific Ocean sea glass gems dangle together from a sterling silver teardrop pendant. Each sea glass piece rests on a sterling silver handmade "twist" fastened to the teardrop. 

Breezy Pastels 5pc. Cluster

Sea Glass Tinies, Seaglass Necklace, Beach Glass Vial Necklace

Cute Ocean Tinies

This beautiful bracelet features genuine, 1/2" wide sea glass pieces, all found on Pacific Ocean shores. The colors included are cornflower and aqua blues, lavender, pink, rare yellow, seafoam and minty greens, and frosty white.

Color Palette Links

Keep these beach treasures close to your heart at all times with this clear view locket necklace filled with lovely sea glass. The high quality locket is made with metal and has glass "windows" on both sides to showcase your gems. The two halves screw securely together, and can be opened to look more closely at the sea glass pieces, or to supplement or trade out the collection with your own pieces as you wish.

Beachy Blues Locket

Sea Glass, Seaglass, Necklace, Beach Glass, Rare Sea Glass, Sea Glass Jewelry

The Stacked Rainbow

The spirit of America shines through this beautiful red, white and blue sea glass necklace. The 1/2" wide sea glass pieces featured include a RARE RED, cobalt blue, and frosty white. They were each found separately by hand along Pacific Ocean shores. The necklace, along with all of our jewelry, is completely designed and produced in the USA by the artisans at West Coast Sea Glass.

"America" Cluster 3pc. Necklace

Sea Glass Abacus Necklace, Seaglass Tinies on Sterling Silver Frame Jewelry

Horizontal Necklace in Blues

Green Drilled Necklace

This "horizon" style necklace features sea glass in lime green, lavender, and soft blue. Each genuine sea glass gem was found along Pacific Ocean shores after tumbling naturally in the Pacific Ocean for many years. - See more at:

Pastel Horizon Necklace

Bouquet of Colors

A pretty cluster of 5 Pacific Ocean sea glass gems dangle together from a sterling silver teardrop pendant. Each sea glass piece rests on a sterling silver handmade "twist" fastened to the teardrop. 

Earth & Sea 5pc. Cluster Necklace

Cobalt Blue Lineup. Necklace features 5 pieces of cobalt blue sea glass handpicked from the Pacific Ocean.

Cobalt Blue Lineup

Vertical Soft Blues Necklace. Pendant features smooth aqua, cornflower and lime green sea glass inside sterling silver frame.

Vertical Soft Blues Necklace

Three Ocean Drops Necklace. Emerald, aqua and UV lime sea glass hang from sterling silver snake drops. A unique & dazzling pendant.

Three Ocean Drops Necklace