Rare English

These genuine sea glass beauties are nearly flawless with thick, rounded shapes. They are each just over 1/2" tall and were found on beaches along England's North Sea. Featured shades are sky blue, seafoam green, and yellow. WestCoastSeaGlass.com

Three English Baubles

This pristine and beautiful 3/4" long, blue/green teal sea glass piece was found on a rocky beach in England. It has been finely drilled from side to side and is securely held with a sterling silver pinch bail that fits through the drilled channel. The bail allows the sea glass to playfully swing slightly forward and back.

Teal "Swinger"

Aqua Blue Boulder "Swinger"

This piece of English sea glass features shades of emerald green swirled together inside, layered over a frosty white background.

Swirls of Emerald Green "Swinger"

This pretty, layers of blue sea glass gem is unique and has tumbled naturally into a smooth and frosty condition after decades in the ocean. Found on a rocky shore along England's North Sea, it shows subtle layers of blues in aqua, teal, and cornflower shades merging together within the piece.

Subtle Sea Blue Layers "Swinger"

This one of a kind, genuine sea glass piece has tumbled naturally into a smooth and frosty condition. Found on a rocky shore along England's North Sea, it shows layers of hot pink running through the gem in bands, looking like a target.

Fuchsia Bands "Swinger"

This genuine sea glass gem was found on a beach along England's North Sea. Swirls of brown are layered on a frosty white base due to multiple glass colors mixing while in the molten stage of production, and then being tossed into the sea. The ocean has tumbled the glass over many years into this smooth, frosty shape.

Earthy English Swirl

English Magenta

The rich royal blue layers swirled into each sea glass piece of these beautiful earrings were found along England's North Sea. They are approximately 5/8" in size, and have shades of cobalt, turquoise, teal, and white in each smooth bauble. West Coast Sea Glass

Multi-Layer Blues

These scrumptious aqua blues were found along England's North Sea.  Each is drilled widthways and threaded with a handmade wire dangle. Everything is sterling silver. Total length: 1.75" long. Wes Coast Sea Glass

Aqua Orb Earrings

Beach combed from England's North Sea, these multiple colored, 1/2" sea glass pieces originate from molten glass that was mixed together with other color(s). This resulted in a multi-hued chunk that was then discarded into the sea. The piece has spent many decades in the surf being shaped and conditioned. Layers of beautiful blues; cobalt, turquoise, and aqua settle over frosty white bottom layers. WestCoastSeaGlass.com

Ocean Waves

Blue Tidepool "Swingers"