Sea Glass & Beads

This detailed necklace features a Washington state beach found snail shell as the focal piece. The necklace also includes 8 pieces of 3/8" wide Pacific Ocean sea glass in hues of seafoam green, lavender, yellow, and teal green. It is fully beaded with colorful glass and pewter beads, and small Pacific snail shells and puka shells.

Shells and Sea Glass Beaded Necklace

This LOVEly pair of red sea glass pieces were found separately along the shores of Pacific Ocean beaches. Red sea glass is one of the rarest colors to find as it was not mass produced due to the expense of colorants needed to create the red hue. These pieces likely date prior to 1950 and are perhaps parts of vehicle light lenses or signal lanterns. West Coast Sea Glass

Rare Red with Beads

This fun anklet is made using genuine, smooth sea glass pieces from Pacific Ocean shores. It features a thick, beautiful, 1/2" wide, aqua blue centerpiece and 3/8" wide cornflower blue accent sea glass gems. Aqua glass beads and silver toned metal beads accompany the sea glass. All are threaded onto 9.75" silver filament wire with a sterling silver spring ring clasp. Sterling silver crimp beads on each end ensure that the beads will not slide.

Beachy Blues and Beads

This beachy anklet is made using naturally found, smooth sea glass pieces from Pacific Ocean shores. The beautiful, 1/2" wide, cobalt blue and frosty white gems are accompanied by silver toned metal beads and indigo wooden beads. All are threaded onto 9" silver filament wire with a sterling silver spring ring clasp. Sterling silver crimp beads on each end ensure that the beads will not slide.

Blues and Whites Beaded Anklet

This beachy necklace features a genuine sea glass centerpiece in seafoam blue/green, surrounded by silver, glass, and wooden beads, along with four more pieces of seafoam beach glass.

Beaded Soft Blues

A beautiful sea shell, hand picked from a Caribbean shore is the focal piece in this sexy, sea glass and glass bead necklace.

Island Style Scallop and Sea Glass

An 18" filament strand holds glass and base metal beads that flank this handsome piece of genuine sea glass, measuring 1" tall. The beach glass gem has been width-drilled and includes hues of deep purple and gold inside the frosty white teardrop. The purple swirls abstractly resemble a sailboat shape inside the glass! The swirled look originates from molten glass that was mixed together with other color(s). This resulted in a multi-hued chunk that was then discarded into the sea. The piece has spent many de

Purple and Gold Abstract Sailboat

English Beauty

This beachy beaded anklet features 5 pieces of genuine sea glass found along Pacific Ocean shorelines. The approximately 1/2" pieces of seafoam green, teal, and white sea glass are accompanied by turquoise beads and glass beads. They are threaded together on a 9" silver filament anklet with a strong, sterling silver lobster clasp closure.

Coastal Greens With Turquoise and Beads

Six genuine sea glass pieces in hues of golden honey and amber brown are the focus of this pretty beaded anklet. The beach gems were found separately along Pacific Ocean beaches and measure approximately 1/2" wide, each. We have carefully drilled a hole through the center of each piece and threaded them onto the 10-inch silver filament wire anklet. Glass and copper beads in complementing colors accompany the sea glass, and it is finished with a sterling silver lobster clasp closure. West Coast Sea Glass

Golden Amber and Honey Beaded Anklet