Sea Life

The soft lavender shade of this sea glass piece likely occurred from exposure to the sun's UV rays over a period of time, causing the once clear glass to change color. It was found on a Pacific Ocean shore after tumbling at sea for many years.

Lavender & Seastar

Found on a Pacific Ocean seashore, this soft blue-green sea glass piece is well conditioned after tumbling at sea for many years. It likely originates from vintage Coca Cola bottle glass. It is very smooth and measures just over 1 inch long.

Seahorse and Seafoam Green

His pincers may look large, but this cute little crab charm is perfectly harmless sitting on his home of emerald green sea glass. The nearly 1.25" sea glass piece was found on a Pacific Ocean shore and likely originates from vintage bottle glass. West Coast Sea Glass

Cute and Crabby on Emerald Green

We believe every sea glass lover is at least a partial mermaid goddess. This 1", Pacific Ocean found earthy brown sea glass treasure features a pewter mermaid charm. They are fashioned together with sterling silver wire and a handmade twist bail. The pendant hangs on sterling silver chain in your choice of length. West Coast Sea Glass

Mermaid's Treasure Necklace

These vibrant cornflower blue sea glass pieces were found along rocky Pacific Ocean shores, and likely originate from decades old medicine bottles. We have finely drilled a hole through the center of each, matched them with their soul mate, and crafted them into these beautiful sterling silver earrings with pewter sea star charms.

Cornflower Blue and Sea Stars

Aqua Blue with Seastar Necklace. Our sealife design includes a sea star charm.

Aqua with Pointed Sea Star

These nautical aqua blue sea glass discs were found on Pacific Ocean shores. We have paired them with cute pewter sea horse charms to make a pair of fun, beachy earrings. West Coast Sea Glass

Aqua Blue Sea Horse Sea Glass Earrings

Soft blue sea glass and sea star charm necklace. A beach inspired gift for the ocean enthusiast in your life.

Soft Blue with Seastar

Channel your inner mermaid with this 1", Pacific seafoam green sea glass treasure on a sterling silver handmade twist bail, and a pewter mermaid charm. The pendant hangs on sterling silver chain in your choice of length.

Seafoam Green & Mermaid Necklace

Your necklace will arrive in a cotton lined gift box and on a card that tells the short story of sea glass and the name of the ocean your pieces where they were beachcombed.

Amber & Clam Shell Necklace

A Pacific emerald green sea glass nugget measures 7/8" long, and was beachcombed after a journey at sea lasting decades. It has been finely drilled, and hangs on a sterling silver "twist" bail with a lead free, pewter seastar charm.  The pendant comes with a sterling silver chain in the length of your choice.

Emerald Green Sea Star

Out to dinner or on the beach, these earrings are fitting for most every occasion.

Soft Blue & Clam Shell Necklace

A honey amber brown sea glass gem joins a sea star charm in this handcrafted pendant.

Amber Brown Sea Star Necklace

Cobalt blue sea glass and sterling silver clam shell align in this sea life necklace.

Cobalt Blue & Clam

Aqua Blue with Seastar Necklace. Our sealife design includes sterling silver sea star

Aqua Blue Seaglass with Seastar