This 9.5" sterling silver anklet holds a perfect, triple stack of aqua, frosty white and cornflower sea glass. Each piece measures approximately 1/2" wide and the stack is 3/4" long. It dangles gracefully from the rolo style chain with lobster clasp closure, all made of sterling silver. Please leave a note in your order if you would prefer a different size anklet. We are happy to accommodate!

Triple Pacific Blues Anklet

Orange sea glass is rare because orange glass was not often produced, and it is the rarest find for even the most devoted sea glass collector. These orange and frosty white sea glass pieces were each found on Pacific Ocean beaches after decades of tumbling in the sea.

The Rarest Rare

Cobalt blue and emerald green sea glass baubles measuring 3/8" stack at the bottom of a 1", sterling silver dangle rod. They hang gracefully on sterling silver, closing kidney earwires.

Cobalt & Emerald Drop Stacks

These rare red sea glass baubles are stacked with frosty white sea glass in these beachy earrings. Each piece was found separately along a Pacific Ocean beach after spending decades in the sea, tumbling into the smooth, well-conditioned pieces presented here. West Coast Sea Glass

Rare Red & Frosty White Dangles

These aqua blue and frosty white sea glass discs were each found along Pacific Ocean beaches and likely originate from vintage bottle and jar glass that was broken and tossed into the sea where they tumbled into these smooth shapes over decades.

Stacked Aqua Blue & Frosty White

A soft, pastel combo of aqua blue and pink sea glass. We have hand drilled and stacked the 3/8" gems onto sterling silver pins with hand twisted bails. The earrings are accented with freshwater pearls and hang on sterling silver french hook ear wires. West Coast Sea Glass

Aqua & Rare Pink

Dainty and perfect, these pieces of rare, rich red and frosty white sea glass were found on Pacific ocean beaches after decades tumbling in the sea.

Rarest Red and Frosty White

1/2" wide pieces of soft seafoam green and frosty white sea glass are stacked together in these beachy earrings. The glass pieces likely originate from vintage bottle glass and were found on Pacific Ocean shorelines after being sculpted and conditioned in the sea for decades. West Coast Sea Glass

Seafoam Green Stacks

A vibrant combo of cornflower blue and cobalt blue seaglass, these 3/8" wide center-drilled discs complement each other nicely. These hard to find colors are getting rarer with each passing day. The darker blue shades usually represent glass pieces that originate from vintage pharmaceutical bottles.

Double Blues

These earrings feature smooth, beachcombed pieces of brown and frosty white sea glass. The glass pieces likely originate from vintage bottle glass that was broken and tossed into the sea. There it tumbled for decades to achieve the well-conditioned shapes that are put together here. West Coast Sea Glass

Amber Brown Stacks

Cobalt Blue & Frosty White Stacked Earrings. Made with real sea glass and sterling silver, the earrings resonate the beauty of the sea.

Royal Blue & White Stacks

Aqua Blue & Emerald Green. Necklace & earring set are made from genuine sea glass & sterling silver. 360.461.9560.

Aqua & Emerald Stacked Set

Sea Glass Blues Abacus Trio Earrings and Necklace, Sterling Silver and Seaglass

Abacus Style Trio

Blue Sea Glass Necklace and Earring Set, Cornflower and Aqua Blue Drilled Seaglass on Sterling Silver

Ocean Blues Gift Set