Whimsical Cobalt Blue Hearts

The rarest color of all sea glass, we have matched two bright orange pieces together to create this special pair of earrings. Each piece measures about 3/8" wide, is finely drilled, and held securely with a ring that hangs from an artistic whimsical and dramatic hoop hook earwire. All metal is composed of sterling silver.

Super Rare! Dark Orange Whimsicals

Soft pastel pink whimsical sea glass on sterling silver Seaglass Earrings, Beach Glass, Jewelry

Pastel Pinks

Aqua blue sea glass finely drilled and put on sterling silver whimsicals

Aqua with Larger Swirls

A 3/4" rare, Pacific lemon yellow sea glass oval hangs on all an sterling silver with a sterling silver wire bail.  Dangling from the front is a hand formed sterling silver wire daisy. The necklace comes on a sterling silver snake chain in your choice length. - See more at: https://westcoastseaglass.com/jewelry/necklaces/whimsical/rare-yellow-flower#sthash.g2Q0r2YS.dpuf

Rare Yellow Flower

Soft blue green seafoam sea glass necklace with sterling silver swirl and handmade bail. Genuine beach glass found along the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Beachcombed by the artists. Makes a great gift, or jewelry to wear for any occasion.

Seafoam Swirl

Red Sea Glass Necklace. A rare red piece with sterling silver, whimsical swirl on sterling silver snake chain.

Red Whimsical Necklace

Rare Orange Sea Glass. Necklace stars the rarest color of beach glass and a sterling silver, whimsical design.

Orange Whimsical Dangle

Soft Pink Flower Necklace. Add a touch of whimsy to your day with this hint of spring blossom.

Soft Pink Flower

Emerald Green Sea Glass Necklace. Hand picked sea glass & hand hammered sterling silver.

Green Squared Dangle

Cornflower Blue Sea Glass Necklace with Sterling Silver Dangle. This design features whimsy & elegant simplicity.

Cornflower Blue Dangle

Frosted White Sea Glass Necklace stars a classy, sterling silver dangle.

Classy White Squared Dangle

Pacific Ocean Tumbled Aqua Blue Sea Glass. Necklace stars sterling silver designs in simplicity.

Pacific Aqua Swirl Dangle

Aqua Blue Sea Glass Necklace. Sterling silver swirl creates a whimsical design without distracting from nature's recycling of the glass.

Aqua Winding Coil

Honey Amber Brown Sea Glass Pendant with Triangle-shaped Whimsical. Sterling silver components. For the mermaid in all of us.

Honey Swirl Dangle