Where can I find sea glass?

Emerald green, Hapuna, Hawaii (c) Mary Beth Beuke - Pacific Ocean

We get emails almost daily asking "Where can I find sea glass?" and though we wish time would allow us to answer each email, we can say that "contemporary" sea glass can be found on most every shore in the world; Hawaii, California, Florida, England, the Caribbean, Atlantic and even the Great Lakes.

Factors for a good hunt are: tide, location, shore terrain & providence.

100% of our sea glass is hand picked by us and a couple of friends. We've covered countless beach miles by foot and kayak, mostly along the rugged Pacific. Most collections are gathered piece by piece from many shores over a lifetime. We highly respect the discovery and solitude of the adventure.

For many, sea glass hunting is a challenge that's defined over many combined seasons and years. Therefore, refining the searching experience itself is part of the allure, the mystery and the journey for each individual seeker.

Sea glass hunting can be relaxing or quite adventuresome depending on the season of the year, the terrain and an area's history.

Because of our vast knowledge, we make a point of staying sensitive to local communities, private properties & shore preservation. For tips on hunting & identification, see The Ultimate Guide to Sea Glass.