Baseball Sized Fishing Float

This semi-frosted, 3.5" diameter glass float was beach combed intact from along a remote Pacific Northwest shore. It is a soft tealish green color. It will arrive with a card that tells the following history: 

"This glass fishing net float was found washed upon a beach in remote Alaska. Over a lifetime it has crossed the Bering Sea from Asia. Once used by fisherman to keep their nets afloat, the hollow glass balls gave buoyancy to the fishing nets. The nets were strung together then set adrift in the ocean. Occasionally a float breaks free. Today an intact glass float is extremely rare to find."

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Price: $26.00
Fishing floats & shells make for great decor!
Authentic Asian Fishing Float found on a Pacific Northwest Beach
Pile of glass fishing floats & a seastar on a foggy, winter day.
A rare blue green, glass fishing float on an unmarred ocean's shore.
Glass ball fishing float on a Pacific Northwest beach.