Sm. Glass Float w/out Net - 2.5"

These highly rare, Japanese fishing floats are historic and beautiful. They've each been hand picked from coastal, Pacific locales and show their original, Kanji symbol which helps identify their authenticity. These are what we call "tangerine size". Each float measures right about 2.5" across. At one time netting attached a string of floats to the fishing net which gave it buoyancy. Each is a beachy shade of greenish blue teal color and each show glass blowing bubbles, the pontil "button" and some original ocean pitting. US dime in photo for sizing reference.

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Glass Fishing Float, Japanese Glass Ball Floats, Small Tangerine Sized Fishing Float
A piece of history! This adorable, glass fishing float was strung to the top of a fisherman's net which gave the net buoyancy. From Japan with identifying Kanji symbol