6 Floats Mix + Seashells

This beautiful, once in a lifetime collection of authentic, Japanese fishing floats and sea shells are historic and collected from Pacific coast locations. At one time the floats were attached to fishermen's nets to give the nets buoyancy.

Occasionally a float can come loose from it's net and travel a lifetime in the surf. Some show frosting from exposure to the elements of the ocean and sand. This batch is perfect for a beach house style display or decor.

In addition to 6 floats, you will receive 4 genuine Pacific Coast sea shells, including a sand dollar, south Pacific sea stars, clam shells etc. The 6 genuine floats will arrive in various sizes and that show glass blowing bubbles, button marks, some net marks and of course, the gorgeous teal green and blue shades.
They each measure between around 3" to 4" across. US dime in photo for sizing reference.

Glass Color: 

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Price: $134.00