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Beach Themed Wall Hanging

THE ARTWORK: Escape to the shore! This 400 piece wall hanging is perfect for your beach house or to set a nautical mood into any spot in your home or business! Or give it as an insanely romantic gift! It is a true work of art with real sea glass, beach found sea shells and glass beads in ocean colored blues and greens. Each strand is custom hand crafted and tied by the artists at West Coast Sea Glass.
THE SEA GLASS and SHELLS: All pieces are hand collected from Pacific Ocean shores. They will be finely drilled and threaded into this custom made wall hanging. All sea glass pieces will be seafoam green, blues and whites. The sea glass is from our genuine, hand picked and beachcombed West Coast Sea Glass collection. Each was found from a shore along the majestic Pacific Ocean coast. We live and hunt for sea glass all along the rocky rugged stretch of ocean called the "Pacific Ocean Graveyard", an area infamous for its hundreds of shipwrecks recorded since the early 1,700's on. These pieces are most likey from vintage soda, canning jar, medicine bottle and milk bottle glass that's been tumbling naturally for decades. The sea shells are genuine, washed Pacific clam shells (all beachcombed from northwest shores by us) and Pacific island sea stars.
MEASUREMENTS, MATERIALS, DESCRIPTION: The sea glass pieces will measure about 5/8" to just over 1" long. The glass beads are from our over 40 year collection of handmade glass beads and recycled African bottle beads. All filament and ties are 14 pound test weight and higher. Each clam shell and sea star measures between about 3/4" and 1.5". All wire wrapping is done with anti tarnishing, silver plated, 22 gauge wire. The wall hanging pictured here is 6' wide x 5' tall but can be made to your specifications if needed. The strands are about 2.5" - 3" apart. Each strand holds 12 or more pieces of sea glass, shells and beads. The mounting is a simple, elongated wooden slat that the filaments are secured to. Each filament is staple gunned to the slat to ensure it won't slide. Hanging bracket hardware will be shipped along with the piece for you to install just where you want and for easy hanging for you.
SHIPPING DETAILS:  Please note, the shipping cost for this item anywhere in the US is $200.  Your wall hanging will come in a custom made shipping box. Each strand will be coiled within bubble wrap and boxed securely for travel anywhere. Your piece will be ready to unroll and hang in your perfect spot! We have priced the shipping across the country via UPS and must use rates for oversized items. It should take 1 week or less to arrive after it's been custom made and shipped.
QUALITY: All of the West Coast Sea Glass creations are made of authentic beach glass that's never altered or artificially tumbled in any way. Their journey is what gives each piece history and a unique voyage. Our sea glass is placed into our art in the same ocean tumbled shape that it was beach combed in.
Please allow at least four weeks for us to create your custom piece.
SKU: Decor3
Price: $1,998.00
A Custom Wall Hanging made with sea glass, sea shells, starfish, beads and bamboo.
Beach Themed Wall Hanging. An artistic materpiece with 450 pieces of sea glass, beads, sea shells and starfish.
Closeup of Ocean themed wall art by West Coast Sea Glass.
Seaside Wall Art made with shells, sea stars, nautical beads, and beach glass.
Seaside Wall Art made with shells, sea stars, nautical beads, and beach glass.

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