Orange from West Coast Sea Glass

Orange Sea Glass, Rare Seaglass, Amberina, Beach Glass Rarity

True orange sea glass, (not beer bottle brown) is highly rare no matter what shoreline it may be found along. Orange glass was expensive to make  during the early glass and bottle manufacturing years.  The chemicals and components used to create orange glass were very costly.  This explains why not much orange sea glass is found today.

If you're an avid sea glass collector it may be quite likely that even you do not possess a true orange sea glass gem. 

At right we see the orange patterned and faceted pieces including rims from early 1900's signal lenses.  After 1950, many of these colored pieces were substituted with plastic replacements.

Orange Sea Glass - Rare Orange Seaglass, Glass Beach, Mendocino, California, Fort Bragg, California







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