Red Sea Glass

Red Sea Glass, Red Seaglass, About Red Beach Glass, Red Sea Glass Jewelry

Red Sea Glass, Red Seaglass, Beach Glass, Rare Sea Glass, About Red Glass
Smooth red sea glass pieces from around the globe.

What is so special about red sea glass? Red glass was not mass produced much at all in the US due to the expense of the colorants needed to create red glass. This explains why red sea glass is so rare in most parts of the world. 

If you do have a piece of red sea glass, it can originate from such items as signal lanterns, car and boat light lenses that were made from glass prior to about 1950 (at right). It may also originate from a dark red bottle or even some early 1900's ornate tableware.

Pictured here is a dark "Royal Ruby" red bottle by the Anchor Glass Company.
We have a photo of a rare red globe lantern that was used as a ship's hurricane warning lamp. The particular piece was discovered intact after a Vancouver Island, Canada shipwreck.

Red Sea Glass, Red Seaglass, Red Bottle, Rare Sea Glass, Beach Glass, Sea Glass Colors

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