Rare Pink Mermaid Tear Earrings

These genuine sea glass pieces are finely drilled through, then secured with sterling silver "teardrop" pins that run through the hole.   They hang from.925 silver earwires.

Pink sea glass usually originates from depression era tableware or decorative glass pieces. These 1/2" smooth pieces have spent decades tumbling in the Pacific Ocean before being discovered on the shore.

Our earrings come in a gift box with a display card that describes the story of sea glass and the name of the ocean where the beach gems were found.

Glass Color: 


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Price: $54.00
Rarest Pink Mermaid Tear Earrings made with Real Seaglass and Sterling Silver
These soft pink earrings have a mysterious history! They were liikely once part of fancy tableware pieces that belonged to somebody long ago.