Rare Cobalt Blue Mermaid Tear

This smooth 7/8" long, cobalt blue, Pacific Ocean gem likely originates from antique medicine bottle glass that was discarded into the rugged ocean surf; this blue color is one of the most sought after blues on the planet and has become very rare to find.

It's been tumbling naturally along a remote, rocky shore. We've beachcombed it ourselves, finely drilled it, then set it with a sterling silver "Teardrop" pin bail that secures right through the hole. This pendant will come on sterling silver chain.

It will arrive in a cotton lined gift box with a gift card that tells the short story of sea glass and names the ocean it was found on.

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SKU: ND8- $48
Price: $48.00
Cobalt blue sea glass, Seaglass Necklace - Cobalt Blue, Rare blue beach glass necklace, Jewelry
A rare, cobalt blue sea glass piece has been found along a rugged Pacific shore and set with a strong, sterling silver "Mermaid Tear" pin bail.