Rare Sunset Hues Swirl

These smooth, well frosted 1/2" sea glass gems in reds, golden yellow, and honey amber are some of the most rare sea glass colors to find. Beautiful together in this strong, adjustable swirl bangle bracelet, each piece is carefully drilled and threaded securely onto the bracelet. The bangle is silver-plated for strength and can be adjusted to fit a 6" - 9" wrist.

Each of these sea glass beauties were beach combed along Pacific Ocean beauties after tumbling at sea for many decades.

Your bracelet will arrive in a cotton lined gift box with a card which tells the short story of sea glass and the name of the ocean your pieces were beach combed from. 

Glass Color: 


SKU: BA14 - $228
Price: $228.00
These 1/2", sea glass gems in reds, yellow, and amber are carefully drilled and hand twisted into this strong, adjustable swirl bangle.  The bangle is silver-plated for strength - See more at: https://westcoastseaglass.com/jewelry/bracelets/bangles/quad-swirl-bangle-reds#sthash.GQPizXup.dpuf
A stunning swirl bangle bracelet features rare red, yellow and honey colored sea glass pieces.