Triple Blue Bangle

Five pieces of 3/8" wide sea glass are hand drilled to fit on this sturdy, 8" sterling silver-plated bangle bracelet. Sterling silver flower beads sit between each sea glass bauble. The beads are held in place on each end with a firm epoxy to prevent sliding.

The triplet of aqua blue, cornflower blue and cobalt blue mimic the colors of the sea; and each piece was found from a Pacific Ocean beach.

Your bracelet will arrive in a cotton lined gift box and on a card that tells the short story of sea glass and the name of the ocean your pieces were beach combed from.

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SKU: BA13 - $67
Price: $67.00
Triple Blue Bangle. Made with aqua blue, cornflower blue and cobalt blue sea glass. 360.461.9560
These blue shades are customer favorites, placed together on this beach bracelet.